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Veteran Owned Business

We aim for exceptional customer service and satisfied customers.  Our specialty is survival foods from Wise Company.    Wise Company provides delicious food your family will love to eat - we do not endorse what we have not 'taste tested' in our own home.  The extended 25 year shelf life eliminates waste and the need for rotation.  It is easy to prepare -just add water.  It is compact and light weight - minimal storage space  - grab and go if necessary.  Gourmet taste yet the average cost per serving is less than a school lunch.  You have PEACE OF MIND - you are prepared.  Remarkable packaging - incredible, durable, light weight, and stacks easily.  These are products we use and endorse 'tastefully'.

All other survival products are high quality,  guaranteed with normal care, and return instructions are provided with all products if you are not satisfied.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at or call directly at 478-953-2930.  We offer 24-hour service.  We are always available. In the event we are with other customers, please leave a message and we will respond promptly.