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Prepper Pack - 52 Servings

Prepper Pack - 52 Servings

  • $ 74.99

Introducing our new formulation with lower sodium and trans fat.  Includes five entrees, two breakfasts, and two beverages for a total of 52 servings.  A prepper pack designed to get you started with your preparedness needs. 52 adult servings of our popular gourmet meals.  Great taste.  Extended life shelf - quick cook smart packaging.  Light weight and condensed GRAB AND GO FOOD KITS.  Affordable.

Servings included in this package:  4 Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini; 4 savory Stroganoff; 4 Tomato Basil Soup with pasta; 4 Southwest Beans and Rice; 4 Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain; 4 Apple Cinnamon Cereal; 16 Orange Delight Drink Mix; 12 Whey Milk.

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